4,000 to 10,000lb Capacity Boat Lifts - Click to Learn More

High Density Polyethylene is the only way to float! Utilizing American made pipe, the Galva-Hoist tanks come together in our shop once we have carefully calculated proper buoyancy to ensure your entire boat will be lifted free of the water. Why spend all that money to have a dirty skeg? It doesn’t make sense to us, either. The pipe is fused to a ¾” thick end cap creating a truly lifetime warranted product that is literally bulletproof.

12,000 to 17,000lb Capacity Boat Lifts - Click to Learn More

The mechanism on your new Galva-Hoist features two points of contact to the structure per L-arm — the strongest in the industry! On these 6-arm lifts, 12 bushings across the lift work in unison to keep your lift quiet and operating within tight tolerances to stay level.

How many trailers out there utilize recycled plastic to set your boat upon? We don’t know of any, either… Our bunks are the strongest and softest system on the market. Your boat will set on galvanized steel-backed pressure-treated lumber with a soft, water draining marine grade carpet.

Notice that angle going down into the water between the tanks? It’s attached to steel on the bottom of the tanks, creating a truly rigid box structure — the backbone of your boat lift system! Most of our lift systems 10,000lbs and larger utilize this “below-tank” structure.

Personal Water Craft Lifts - Click to Learn More

Personal Water Craft are a popular sport in their own right. Why is yours stored on a self-floater? Your jet is down at the water, susceptible to ice and debris. The Galva-Hoist is designed to keep your craft up out of the water giving you peace of mind that none of nature’s elements can harm any portion of your PWC.

You’ll love how stable you and your craft remain while cleaning and maintaining …all the while keeping your feet completely dry too!

Look at doubling your capabilities with the double-place frame. Two craft are stored on one lift saving on cost and creating a safer experience.

20,000lb and Bigger Capacity Boat Lifts - Click to Learn More

The Galva-Hoist is really starting to shine. There are only two other boat lift manufactures in the nation that regularly build, sell and install lifts this large. We don’t mind mentioning them, because Galva-Hoist does things differently! The 20,000lb Galva-Hoist can be installed in a 12’ slip without compromising any strength in the mechanism. Not many 24,000lb lifts fit in a 14’ slip – the Galva-Hoist does perfectly! 18’ wide? No issues, we add steel to the Galva-Hoist to keep it floating strong – all day long.

Shallow Water Boat Lifts - Click to Learn More

Shallow water is nothing new and neither are shallow water boat lifts. There is nothing exclusive or unique about them either. Galva-Hoist Shallow Water Boat Lifts simply save water depth by utilizing smaller diameter pipe in multiples to create the same great boating experience. Shallow water? Don’t get stuck, buy a Galva-Hoist Shallow Water Boat Lift and go boating!

Front-Mount Boat Lifts - Click to Learn More

The perfect solution to a double-wide boat slip? A Galva-Hoist front-mount boat lift of course. Available in capacities as large as 10,000 pounds, the Galva-Hoist frame is simply the strongest in the market. You’ll not find a nicer lift for the footprint.

3” Mega Rough-Water Mechanism - Click to Learn More

Look at all of that steel! Does your main-channel lift need all that steel? Absolutely, YES!!!

The heavy-duty Galva-Hoist gets an upgrade to MEGA when the mechanism rotates up to 3” square tubing to control the roll. The entire movement of the boat lift gets a face lift with bigger bushings, bigger arms, bigger clamps, and bigger bolts. If you are in extreme rough water, this MEGA boat lift will be just right for you!

Rotationally-Molded Polyethylene Tanks - Click to Learn More

Sometimes, water conditions do not warrant the necessity to have the very best available… An incredible alternative is the rotationally-molded tank. Rectangular in shape and mirrored left-to-right to keep ballast at a maximum leverage, this design is far superior to other one-tank systems available in the market.

Boat Lift Walkways - Click to Learn More

Walkways on your boat lift become an outstanding conversation. Just where do you stand, when your boat slip is that much wider than your boat? Look no further than the walkways available for your new Galva-Hoist! Simple in design and very effective. The expanded-metal deck allows water to flow through the system without slowing down the process. Others on the market trap air on the way down and have to push a large amount of water out of the way to come up. Simply put, the walkways on the Galva-Hoist give you the benefit of reaching the boat to cover and clean. It’s that easy!

Catamaran Capable - Click to Learn More

Galva-Hoist has the perfect setup when it comes to Catamarans. Tunnel lifting? Zero issue. Need to lift on the spray rails? Yes sir. Galva-Hoist has even lifted on the sponsons in a situation that required it. Yes ma’am. From pleasure boats, to Poker Runs and full-blown canopy racing – Your new Galva-Hoist will protect the investment of your high performance catamaran …Guaranteed.