Galva Hoist Boat lifts

Galva-Hoist Does Things Differently!

Single Lift

Boating Made Better

Galva-Hoist is available in capacities as small as 4,500lbs and as large as 47,000lbs. Want custom? Galva-Hoist will suit your needs! Kat Racks, Walkways, Stern Platforms, Offsets and Back-in packages are easily accomodated.

Walkway Section

Your boat DESERVES a Galva-Hoist!

8,000lb lifts and larger - the structure includes a channel on the bottom of the tank for superior strength!  Bunks are built from pressure treated lumber and marine-grade carpet for a truly stronger system supporting your hull. 

Jet Ski Lift

Personal Watercraft Lifts

All of our raw materials are processed at a facility in beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.  We know rough water and understand the importance of strength and stability.  Whether you moor in calm water or the roughest conditions.

The HDPE tanks on the Galva-Hoist are constructed utilitizing hydraulic butt-fusion technology, guaranteeing leak-proof joints. Unique to the industry is the use of 3/4" thick end-caps for a truly "bullet-proof" tank.

Galva-Hoist Dimensions

4,500lb & 6,500lb

Min slip width 8ft

Min H2O depth - 3'6" *

8,000lb & 10,000lb

Min slip width 9ft

Min H2O depth - 4' *


Min slip width 10ft

Min H2O depth - 4'6" *

14,000lb & 17,000lb

Min slip width 11ft

Min H2O depth - 4'6" **


Min slip width 12ft

Min H2O depth - 5' **


Min slip width 14ft

Min H2O depth - 5' **


Min slip width 16ft

Min H2O depth - 5' **

* Plus keel draft ** Plus draft of V-drives(s) if applicable

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